Leading The Way In Floor Flatness Testing For Robotics

October 1, 2019

Laser Guided Profileograph For Floor Flatness Testing For Robotic SystemsFace Consultants Ltd (part of the CoGri Group of companies) have developed a Laser guided Profileograph to measure 6 properties of floor flatness within a single pass along the floor when checking surface regularity for Robotic systems.

The Face All In One Profileograph has additional auxiliary attachments which can be used to measure TR34 DM, EN 15620, DIN 15185, VDMA, FEM and the ACI F min surface regularity specifications.

Leading The Way in Floor Flatness Testing Technology

This shows that Face Consultants are still leading the way in floor flatness testing technology, and are now at the forefront of testing for (G2P) Goods to Person Robotics. We are providing testing services for ecommerce warehouse fulfilment centres around the globe who are using AMR’s, or operating ASRS systems.

Over the years we have been instrumental in developing floor flatness standards and methods of compliance, checking for well known technologies such as Very Narrow Aisle operations, but more recently with the ongoing upsurge in internet shopping our expertise has been called upon by the Robotics manufacturers and the E Commerce giants that use them.

By understanding the working parameters of the Robotics equipment we are able to provide a set of working performance characteristics that can be clearly specified so that the construction industry can clearly understand and deliver. Where possible we still try to embrace current standards that are understood and methods of testing that exist, but a clear method of compliance checking will be drafted so that there are no ambiguities or misunderstandings by all the stakeholders involved.

The Leaders in Floor Flatness Measurement

If you would like to know more about warehouse floor testing for robotics or any of our other services, please contact Face Consultants on 01484 600090.

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